Cruz Goes After Democrats On His Podcast

( – Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently took multiple shots at Democrats on his podcast for various events happening around the country.

During the episode, Cruz talked about the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, New Mexico’s governor attempting to unilaterally suspend the state’s open and concealed carry laws, and the Biden administration reportedly considering keeping illegal immigrants in Texas.

His podcast, “Verdict,” along with his co-host Ben Ferguson, mourned the 22nd anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which saw two hijacked planes strike the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City, as well as a third hijacked plane crash into the Pentagon.

In the beginning of the podcast, Cruz discussed the nation’s dire immigration crisis at the southern border, noting an increasing number of people on the U.S. terrorist watch list being apprehended by border patrol agents.

Cruz said further that an open border is an “open invitation to terrorists,” and said further that the Biden administration is willing to fly illegal immigrants to wherever they want to go. He said that future terrorists can use this weak point to carry out more terrorist attacks against the U.S. Cruz also said that, with the Biden administration’s border policies, the odds of another 9/11-style terrorist attack “go up systematically.”

Cruz also talked about a report from the Washington Free Beacon saying that the Biden administration is considering keeping illegal immigrants in Texas, and requiring them to wear ankle bracelets to prevent them from leaving Texas and going deeper into the interior.

Cruz shot down the idea, saying that it is blatantly illegal and absurd to keep all seven million illegal immigrants that have crossed the border within Texas. He said further that the Biden administration is doing this in an effort to target Texas due to it being a Republican state.

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