Cuellar Carjacked after Voting to Defund Police

( – Democrat Texas Representative Henry Cuellar, who was recently carjacked outside his Washington, DC, apartment building, has voted in favor of legislation that might undermine police forces. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is one such bill, and it seeks to hold police responsible and put a stop to alleged racial profiling.

Reports show Representative Cuellar allegedly had his automobile stolen by three armed black males. Cuellar’s white Honda CHR, with a Texas license plate, was used as a getaway vehicle by the assailants. It has been reported that Representative Cuellar is safe after the event, while information on his status remains confidential.

In an effort to disassociate himself from the Defund the Police campaign, Cuellar, whose district is located on the southern border with Mexico, accused his Democrat rival in 2022 of seeking to starve border patrol and the police, which would devastate the local economy.

However, Cuellar’s track record demonstrates that he has backed the defunding of police.

According to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation, Cuellar’s backing of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021 would eliminate resources used to keep police officers safe by restricting the ability of local law enforcement organizations to receive surplus military equipment. It also prohibits using no-knock warrants in federal drug cases and bars local and state governments from receiving specific federal grants. A National Police Misconduct Registry would be created, and mandatory data collecting would replace racial and religious profiling as goals of the legislation.

The irony and dishonesty of Cuellar’s viewpoint are underscored by his recent experience as a victim of crime. Ironically, he fell prey to a surge in crime as he was calling for measures that undermine police enforcement.

A reporter noted that a politician should never lose sight of the numerous Americans who are victimized regularly. These are the individuals who cannot afford the safety of Capitol Hill or a forum in which to air their grievances. They are the true victims of laws that put ideology ahead of citizens’ safety.

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