Customer Habits Might Bring Down Inflation?!

( – Inflation has been affecting the lives of Americans and has yet to come down fully. However, Americans are changing the way they shop and this could potentially change inflation and bring it down.

Prices are about 19% higher than they were before the pandemic, and many Americans are fighting back without knowing it. In grocery stores, it’s shown that many people are steering away from name-brands and switching back to store-brands; they are even changing their habits and shopping at discount stores instead.

Americans are also changing the way they purchase vehicles as most of them are looking to purchase used cars instead of new vehicles. The changes in the way that people shop have been easily identified when it comes to food and consumer goods, such as toilet paper or paper towels.

Inflation has been a huge topic for Americans and political leaders like Joe Biden since it’s a huge issue that people are considering with the upcoming election. Many Americans, although inflation is well below what it was, are not happy with prices being much higher than they were before the pandemic.

President Biden has tried pushing this narrative to help him win the elections in November. So much so that he decided to release a video on Super Bowl Sunday that was streamed by many, talking about “shrinkflation” and how big companies are giving less product in their packages, but charging the same or more for the items. This was Biden’s attempt to show that he recognizes the issues and relates with the people.

Stuart Dryden, who is a commercial underwriter at a bank, spoke out about the price differences when it comes to name-brand products and store-brand products. When breaking down price comparisons, he found that you’ll spend about half the amount when getting a store brand versus a name-brand product. This shopping theme is exactly what many Americans have started doing in order to combat the high prices.

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