DA Blasted for Dismissing Political Indictments

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – According to reports, charges against seventeen police officers who responded to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests have been dropped by José Garza, the district attorney for Travis County.

National media outlets have spoken with current and former Austin police officers who say the decision to punish these officers damaged their lives irrevocably. Right from the start, they say, Garza was bent on demonizing cops no matter the cost to their lives; the motion was a political smear job.

The officers were cleared of misconduct by the Austin Police Department (APD), but the charges were nevertheless filed. The progressive philosophy and campaign pledges of Garza to punish police officers led his detractors to accuse him of starting a war on policemen. Garza is supported by Socialist megadonor George Soros, among others.

According to a statement made by Austin Police Officer Justin Berry to the media in 2022, this matter is unrelated to justice or any misconduct. Berry was one of the policemen whose charges were dismissed last week.

According to Austin Police Retired Officers Association president Dennis Farris, the officers were defending themselves and the police station from frozen water bottles, rocks, and bottles carrying human waste fluids. More than eight civil cases involving demonstrations are still outstanding, and the city has already paid out over $18 million to settle them.

In conclusion, Farris said the lives of these officers were irretrievably damaged by Garza’s choice to prosecute them. Police morale was also severely affected, leading to the departure of personnel within the Austin Police Department and a decrease in municipal safety.

A report revealed that Texas AG Ken Paxton publicly criticized José Garza in April, accusing him of being a prosecutor sponsored by George Soros.

A local jury convicted Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in July 2020 for the killing of a Black Lives Matter armed rioter. The assault of the district attorney followed. Sgt. Perry asserted his right to self-defense in the matter.

In May, Perry received a 25-year jail term.

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