Delivery Drivers Go On Strike for Valentine’s Day?!

( – Thousands of delivery drivers and ride-share company drivers went on strike in the United States and the United Kingdom this past Wednesday. The workers planned a day-long strike that would happen in places such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Hartford, and Newark.

The delivery drivers for delivery services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Stuart all from the United Kingdom, would stop delivering packages between 5 pm and 10 pm in order to push for better pay.

Some of the delivery drivers spoke out saying that they don’t think the strike will be enough for them to make a difference. Evadur Rahman, a Deliveroo driver, is one of them, saying, “One day is not effective. If we strike more than one day — two, three, four days — they’re gonna be affected.”

Rahman said his reasoning for planning to participate in the strike was from his own experience of having his pay cut in the most recent months from about $175 per day to $126. He says that the main thing they want to happen is for them to raise the pay.

On Wednesday, thousands of delivery workers were on strike and stopped working. One Uber driver who participated in the strike, Jocilyn Floyd, said, “Uber has proven time and time again that they’re putting profits over people. In shareholder meetings they discuss profits; there’s no question about safety, protection from deactivation or compensation.”

Uber, however, spoke out saying that the strike had no effect on their business at all. One spokesperson for Uber said, “Despite the headlines, we’ve seen no impact to our operations or reliability for riders. In fact, in most markets there are more drivers on the road today than there were during the same period last week.”

Some companies are seeing many of their workers consider unionization and while some companies are open to it, others feel like they pay a fair enough wage.

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