DeSantis Issues Shocking Decree, Stuns Audience

DeSantis Issues Shocking Decree, Stuns Audience

( – Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis has become famous for attacking woke ideology in his state. Now that DeSantis has thrown his hat in the ring for a potential run at the White House in 2024, he’s making his intentions crystal clear. Not only will he go after woke policies, but the controversial governor also intends to take aim at drug cartels and the “deep state.” A recent statement from DeSantis on the matter has caused quite a stir thanks to a particularly harsh choice of words.

DeSantis revisited New Hampshire last week and told his audience that if he is elected, his administration would have to deal with “all these deep state people.” He then clarified that as president, he would “start slitting throats on day one,” implying he would take the fight directly to them.

The Sunshine State governor also gave a warning to Mexican drug cartel members worsening the opioid crisis, and it turned even more heads. He said they would be “shot stone-cold dead” at the border, reaffirming what he said in June when he promised to use “deadly force” to deal with the cartels at a speaking event in the Texas border town of Eagle Pass. DeSantis said that if Border Patrol drops “a couple of these cartel operatives,” they will eventually stop crossing into the country.

Some weren’t pleased with the language DeSantis used. One attendee reported to a local news outlet that he felt it was inappropriate and that he would tell DeSantis not to “use that terminology” if he were “in charge of his PR [public relations].”

The Florida governor’s main rival for the Republican nomination, former President Donald Trump, is long known for using harsh language. During his campaign announcement speech in November 2022, Trump promised that he would push to give all drug traffickers and dealers the death penalty.

DeSantis has been critical of Trump’s failed promises to finish the border wall and believes the president hasn’t been aggressive enough when dealing with the border crisis and illegal immigration, which will be significant topics of debate in the 2024 election cycle.

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