Disney Hires Transgender Actor For a Major Role

Disney Hires Transgender Actor For a Major Role

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Disney announced the casting of its first transgender-identifying actor for a significant role in a new Star Wars universe spinoff series called The Acolyte.

According to various reports, British YouTuber Abigail Thorn, a biological man who identifies as a woman, has been hired by Disney to play the character Ensign Eurus in “The Acolyte.” The new series, which will likely come out next year, is set in a period taking place before the events in the main Star Wars films.

The lead role of the series was given to Amanda Steinberg, who identifies as “non-binary.”

While battling presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis, Disney continues to push the “woke” agenda that the Florida governor has been fighting against, most likely one of his motivations for stripping the company of special privileges in Florida. Despite the controversy, Disney continues expanding its cast of gender non-conforming and trans actors in movies and series marketed toward children.

A non-binary actress, Zoe Terakes, was cast in a supporting role in the new upcoming Marvel series “Ironheart,” in addition to a drag queen. In the show “Willow,” Disney cast trans actor Talisa Garcia, although the show only lasted a season before being canceled. The company also featured a non-binary character for the first time in a Pixar film called “Elemental,” which did terribly at the box office.

Republican voters and conservative-leaning parents nationwide have noticed this trend and pushed back, especially in states like Florida.

Meanwhile, companies like Disney and Cartoon Network seem to be fanning the outrage by going out of their way to include as many LGBTQ characters as possible in their media and aimed toward younger and younger audiences. Cartoon Network recently released an episode of their children’s show We Baby Bears to celebrate Pride Month, which instructed the audience on how to use “they/them” pronouns.

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