Donald Trump Couldn’t Replace Lawyers In Time

Donald Trump Couldn't Replace Lawyers In Time

( – Former President Donald Trump is struggling to bring in new talent for his legal team after his former attorneys, Jim Trusty, and John Rowley, resigned.

Due to the vacancy, Trump was unable to recruit new attorneys to represent him in time for his first court appearance in federal court in Miami on Tuesday, June 13. However, he was still represented by lawyers he still has.

On his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump thanked Trusty and Rowley, stating they were up against a very “dishonest, corrupt, evil, and ‘sick’ group of people.”

According to the Guardian, Trump and his legal team spent the afternoon before the arraignment interviewing several candidates for the job but failed to find suitable replacements. The attorneys representing Trump on Tuesday were former federal prosecutor Todd Blanche and former Florida solicitor general Chris Kise.

Trump’s legal team has also had trouble finding an attorney specializing in national security matters and would have the necessary security clearance to help Trump navigate the criminal charges under the Espionage Act.

Trump has also reportedly had difficulty keeping attorneys on his payroll because he is a notoriously difficult client and frequently refuses legal advice.

Among the prominent attorneys who turned down Trump as a client were Howard Srebnick and David Markus. Srebnick reportedly expressed interest in defending Trump but declined after discovering his legal partners would not allow it.

Markus is already known for defending politicians in court, such as when he defended Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum when he was accused of lying to the FBI and breaking campaign finance laws.

Trump’s team has also interviewed Benedict Kuehne, a corruption attorney. However, Kuehne was indicted for money laundering in 2008 and faced disbarment for contempt of court as part of a civil lawsuit he lost.

Kise and Blanche have been handling the litigation thus far, but Kise is not expected to be on the trial team for Trump’s indictment as he has only handled civil matters.

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