Durham Report Highlights FBI And DOJ Failures

Durham Report Highlights FBI And DOJ Failures

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – According to Special Counsel John Durham, the DOJ and FBI did not adhere to their mandate of rigorous obedience to the law. On May 15, Durham released the findings from his years-long probe into the FBI’s inquiry, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane,” which investigated whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election.

There are more than 300 pages in the report.

It has taken over six years to complete, and the report largely concurs with former president Donald Trump’s accusation that the FBI’s investigation into Operation Crossfire Hurricane was a “witch hunt.”

According to the report, former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith committed a criminal act by fabricating details that were crucial to the agency getting a FISA surveillance warrant. FBI employees involved in the same FISA application have shown, at best, a careless attitude towards accuracy and thoroughness.

Even though FBI agents later admitted that they never truly believed there was probable cause indicating that Trump engaged in secret intelligence at the behest of a foreign power (or intentionally helped another person in such activities), they continued to seek renewals of FISA surveillance.

Despite the inquiry’s focus on Trump, other Americans’ constitutional rights were violated in the process. The FBI obtained FISA warrants against Carter Page “within days” of receiving the unverified Steele dossier that Durham said was indeed created by the Russian Igor Danchenko. The FBI made 17 mistakes in four FISA applications submitted for Page.

Furthermore, the report states that Obama administration officials knew Clinton fabricated the Russia conspiracy theory in the final quarter of 2016, before the election.

Durham found that the FBI, despite widespread knowledge of the Clinton plan to distract from her private email server, accepted the alleged Russian disinformation contained in the Steele dossier as gospel when it came time to target Trump. All while repeatedly deferring and downgrading investigations into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s rumored collusion with foreign governments.

In short, Durham’s findings make it appear as though Trump was right — the state conspired to destroy him while protecting Hillary Clinton.

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