Epstein Victims Set Sights on Prince Andrew

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The disgraced fashion designer Peter Nygard has added fuel to the fire that is the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein story.

According to rumor, Prince Andrew was Nygard’s pal and had stayed at the Finnish-Canadian tycoon’s mansion in the Bahamas.

Reports show Nygard’s latest convictions for assaulting women come as another episode in the drama of the Duke of York’s persistent relationship with predators.

As a result of the media’s incessant probing of his longtime friendship with human traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, he has lost his position as a working Royal and been stripped of many of the titles and perks that came with it.

After Nygard was found guilty of multiple counts of physical assaults on women, the FBI repeated its requests to speak with Andrew.

An investigative piece shows four of the five complainants claimed to be in their twenties at the time of the alleged assault, while the fifth claimed to have been 16 at the time. The trial lasted for about a month and a half.

Several women testified that two doors going outside of Nygard’s bedroom were locked and could only be opened by pushing a button inside the room or by inputting a security code. The mirrored door heading into Nygard’s bedroom reportedly lacked an inside latch.

According to the report, the women who were abused by Prince Andrew’s pal, the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, have been accusing him of lying about wanting to see them achieve justice.

A 35-year-old woman Epstein abused also commented that Andrew’s remarks were empty. Many people can see that he never intended to help them.

Spencer Kuvin, who is representing multiple women mistreated by Epstein, said that if Prince Andrew is not guilty, he should submit a thorough interview to the FBI. His refusal to speak out in the face of the sexual assault convictions of his two close friends, Ghislaine Maxwell and Peter Nygard, is indicative of an unrepentant conscience.

Virginia Giuffre, Epstein’s alleged victim, and Andrew reportedly settled for £12 million. In the settlement, Andrew made no admission of fault.

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