European Union Seeks Partnerships with Japan and South Korea

( – The European Union is seeking to work with Japan and South Korea for security and defense partnerships with the joint development of military equipment. This would mark the first collaboration between the EU and Asian countries for defense-related measures. The Nikkei reported citing a senior EU commission official who spoke of their mission to expand.

They hope to reach a ministerial-agreement with Japan by the end of the year, which could potentially help the EU fund joint projects between the two. Japan says that it faces “the most severe and complex security environment since World War Two.” It has boosted its defense industries in its largest postwar expansion, which has gained some traction after it expressed concern over China and North Korea.

Japan has continued to expand its military by signing a treaty last year to develop an advanced fighter jet with Britain and engaging in talks with the U.S. about forging a deeper defensive collaboration.

Japan’s discussions with the United States have involved naval repairs in Japan that could free up U.S. yards for more warships. The expansion of their defense collaboration could be extended to aircraft repairs, missile production, and even military supply chain resilience.

Tokyo is continuing to look for deeper defense cooperation with the United States and the Philippines as they have conducted exercises with both of those countries and Canada in the South China Sea. The collaborations have continued as Japan looks to expand into other partnerships and areas with their military defense and their operations within it.

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