Failure to Track Abuse in Foster Care Facilities Exposed

( – According to the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, many states are failing to track how frequently foster children in foster care are abused, sexually assaulted, or improperly restrained.

The report comes after the Senate committee investigation showed that children in foster care facilities across the country have been subjected to abuse. These particular foster care homes are operated by a few large, for-profit companies paid for by taxpayers. According to the report, these states that are responsible for fifty thousand children aren’t doing enough to track which facilities are problematic.

According to the report, more than a dozen states don’t track when multiple abuse situations occur at a single facility or across facilities owned by the same company. “We found that many states did not have the information they would need to identify patterns of maltreatment in residential facilities,” the report stated.

Many facilities have come under scrutiny, especially those that are group homes for children. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton had planned to address the House Ways and Means Committee about the abuse that she endured at a facility when she was a child.

Reports of abuse have been common through the facilities; in 2020, a sixteen-year-old child, Cornelius Fredericks, died in a Michigan center after being restrained face down for twelve minutes for throwing food.

Thirty-two states told the HHS Inspector General that they don’t track the abuses that happen in facilities run in other states or that they have contracts with, saying, “We found that many states lacked important information that could support enhanced oversight of residential facilities for children.”

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