Fake Safety Certificates Ground Dozens of Airplanes

View at the flame of airplane engine from an illuminator. Traveler looking out the window on a falling airplane. (3D illustration)

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The aviation sector has been rocked by allegations that engine components were marketed with fake safety certifications.

As investigations into allegedly flawed safety certifications continue, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines have grounded flights. As a result, Delta has taken numerous engines out of service.

According to reports, AOG Technics, a manufacturer of airplane engine components, has been accused of producing several fraudulent safety certifications. AOG Technics has been accused of using stock photos to represent its non-existent workers on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

Concerns have been raised about the efficacy of aviation sector safety control systems when components manufactured by the problematic business were discovered in 126 engines used by several airlines.

Airline components must pass rigorous safety testing to guarantee they are airworthy, and each should be accompanied by a certificate detailing where it was sourced and when it was last inspected.

European inspectors and the FAA claim that AOG Technics faked their paperwork, which could end in catastrophic results in the case of a malfunctioning component.

According to a report, CFM56 engines were determined to be the most vulnerable, which is concerning given that they have sold nearly 40,000 units to airlines. It is now used in a range of airplanes worldwide, from the Airbus A320 to the Boeing 737 MAX’s predecessor. Both planes are used often on daily trips all around the globe.

Many engine components are impacted, from fasteners like screws and nuts to more crucial pieces like turbine blades.
A report reveals that AOG Technics acts as a broker in the aviation business by acquiring components and reselling them to maintenance repair operations (MROs).

Wall Street Journal went to the business’ supposed location in London, but the receptionist and security guard there said they had no knowledge of the company.
According to a representative of the building’s leasing office, AOG Technics is just a virtual customer and does not have a physical presence there.

An aerospace expert at Bank of America named Ron Epstein argued that if you put a component in an aviation engine, you must be sure it is authentic. Someone uncovered a loophole even though this is something the system is designed to prevent.

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