Families Move to Faith-Based Programs Amid Boy Scouts Rebrand

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Families are looking into faith-based youth programs as an alternative to Boy Scouts as they are soon to be rebranded to Scouting America. Some people have claimed that they’ve left their Boy Scouts’ founding mission behind and are moving to other focuses, which is not in line with what some parents want for their kids.

Matt Markins, president and CEO of faith-based organization Awana, spoke out about the famous rebrand of the Boy Scouts. “Anytime organizations lose their rootedness, and especially if we chase these progressive visions, we end up waking up in a world that’s really hard to recognize and very difficult to navigate, and I think that’s what’s happening to some of these organizations,” he said.

He continued, “We have a saying in our organization that Awana is rooted in Scripture, centered on the gospel. We’re never going to move one inch off of that.”

The Boy Scouts of America has changed their name to Scouting America as the first part of their rebrand. This was not the only change that many criticized though as this came even after some scouting leaders were openly gay and they allowed transgender youth and girls to join.

CEO Roger Krone said that the changes came to make the program more inclusive to people and to break down any barriers that didn’t allow some people to be accepted into the program.

Another faith-based alternative to the Boy Scouts is Trail Life USA, which helps to teach young boys how to handle real-world challenges while also learning outdoor skills.

These faith-based programs are becoming more popular as families are steering away from the changing Boy Scouts and are looking for Christian-focused programs to put their youth boys in.

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