Family Reveals They’ve Been Living in an Underground Bunker for Years

Family Reveals They've Been Living in an Underground Bunker for Years

( – In July 2020, a father-of-four, Ruben Romero, paid $300,000 for a nuclear-resistant bunker once used for communications and moved in with his wife Joan and their kids Eden, Zion, Enoch, and Celestial. The scenario sounds like AppleTV’s sci-fi drama, Silo, where thousands of people live underground because the surface world is considered too dangerous.

The Romero underground abode is located in Georgia. It’s a former telecommunications bunker built by AT&T in the 60s, measuring 6,000 square feet with 16 ½ foot ceilings.

The family went to work repairing and improving the decades-old concrete-reinforced structure to make it their happy home. The most notable renovations have been the addition of internet service, an air-filtering device, sewage system repairs, and a water-filtration system.

Since there are no windows in this bunker’s industrial design, illumination was a significant issue. The expansive underground home now has daylight-emulating full-spectrum lighting in the primary living areas.

The Romeros have been working on their home for almost three years, but Ruben, 46, said they still have much to do, including installing a “proper” kitchen. The family has been surviving on an induction hotplate, a microwave, and an air fryer in a makeshift kitchen.

Ruben says the plumbing system was first installed on springs to protect the pipes from damage in the event of an explosion. The man claims he isn’t a “prepper,” but he mentions (inside his bunker) that if a nuclear bomb hit five miles away, they’d “be ok.”

The ultimate goal for the Romeros is to stop depending on other resources altogether.

With reliable WiFi in the bunker and the ability to work from anywhere, Ruben has kept employed.

Ruben hopes the bunker will become a location where his family may stay as his children grow up and start their own families. He said he hoped there was enough room for everyone to live together. It’s unclear, however, how his children will meet people if they live in a bunker.

It’s an unusual decision, but the fact that you can’t acquire a mortgage or loan to buy a bunker makes the life choice unattainable for the average Joe that would like to “just do it.”

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