First Car-Boat Combo Can Travel by Road or Sea?!

( – A brand new hybrid car has been developed by an innovative brand that’s been looking to combine sea travel and land travel in one vehicle.

The Trident LS-1 is a car-boat hybrid vehicle that is the first of its own and could potentially change the way we look at transportation.

The Trident LS-1 is a vehicle that has three wheels and can drive on land and water as well. It’s able to be launched into the water from a launching ramp, so you don’t need a trailer in order to get it into the water like you would a boat.

It also has an electric motor that provides zero-emission travel for an eco-friendly option while also keeping up with the progress toward an EV-dominant space. This vehicle is a one-of-a-kind that combines the features of a boat and the features of a car into one electric vehicle.

The company behind this vehicle is Poseidon AmphibWorks. Andy Langesfeld and Steve Tice, co-founders of the company, have been looking to make a car that can go from land to sea quickly all in one vehicle which led to the development of LS-1.

The LS-1 has something called hydrofoil technology, which uses blades that allow it to lift three feet above the water’s surface, creating a smooth ride on the water with little drag. It can go a maximum of 35 mph on water and 15 mph without the hydrofoils while being able to go 95 mph on land.

With three stationary seats and an additional fold-down seat, it can seat four people comfortably. It also has safety precautions in place, such as airbags, multiple cameras, and a safety cage so you’re safe inside while driving. It is about 7 feet long which is a little shorter than your average car and it can be stored in a garage.

The three-wheeled vehicle is classified as a motorcycle or autocycle, which means that you don’t need any special license in order to operate it, making it accessible to many people without the need to get anything extra upon purchase.

This vehicle is a brand new way to travel for those who often switch between land and water or want to experience a brand-new way of travel. No matter if you’re looking to drive this on the road or the water, it’s an interesting vehicle that can take you from day-to-day driving to an adventure at any time.

The company hasn’t officially released this vehicle, but they have promised that it is in the making and we can expect to see progress and development as time goes on.

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