Florida Attorney General Attacks Biden, Praises Supreme Court Ruling

Florida Attorney General Attacks Biden, Praises Supreme Court Ruling

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Florida’s attorney general recently came out praising the Supreme Court’s recent decision that struck down the Biden administration’s $400 billion student debt forgiveness plan.

Attorney General Ashley Moody called the High Court’s decision a “major separation of powers issue,” claiming that the Biden administration attempted to push the executive branch beyond its authority to cancel billions of dollars worth of student loan debt.

On the Fox News segment “Sunday Morning Futures,” Moody said the decision stopped the Biden administration from achieving a “major power grab.” She noted further that it has always been understood that Congress is to decide issues concerning economic policy.

According to the Constitution, Article I gives Congress what is typically referred to as the “power of the purse,” the power to set taxes and to spend that money by passing budgets for the government to run on.

Moody claimed it was “incredible” that the Biden administration thought such a policy initiative was legal for them, as well as putting a tax burden on American taxpayers of over $400 billion. She also called Biden’s plan hypocritical because it was marketed to help Americans, even though it would force many taxpayers who have never gone to college to bear the burden of student loan debt they had never personally incurred.

The news comes as the Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to the Biden administration’s political agenda by striking down its long-contested $400 billion student debt forgiveness plan, which would have significantly reduced millions of student loan borrowers nationwide.

The plan, if allowed to go into effect, would have allowed student debt borrowers a chance to get up to $20,000 of their loans automatically forgiven. The Court ruled 6-3 that President Biden did not have the authority to forgive that much money without the consent of Congress.

The ruling also came after the once-in-a-lifetime decision that struck down Affirmative Action, ending race-based college admissions.

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