Florida Sees Surge of COVID-19 Cases In Emergency Rooms

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – COVID-19 rates have been on the rise in Florida, specifically in emergency rooms, according to new research done by the Centers for Disease Control. Currently, they are seeing peaks of COVID cases that are comparable to the worst days during the winter of the pandemic.

In Florida, the weekly average of COVID-19 cases in emergency rooms rose almost three percent, and now they rank the highest of all the states during this summer COVID wave. When looking at other elements tracked by the CDC concerning COVID-19, these numbers have risen as well.

Some other states have seen the amount of COVID-19 cases rise in recent weeks and Florida is no exception here. Trends have been seen in the West, but there’s been a trickle of high cases elsewhere, including Florida and now Hawaii which has also seen a high number of cases in their emergency rooms.

Said the CDC, “Over the past few weeks, some surveillance systems have shown small national increases in COVID-19; widespread as well as local surges are possible over the summer months.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also seen an increase in Covid cases across multiple states, with numbers still rising.

The CDC continued, “Some areas of the country are experiencing consistent increases in COVID-19 activity, including increases in COVID-19 test positivity and emergency department visits and increases in rates of COVID-19–associated hospitalizations among adults 65+ at several sites.”

Outside of Florida and the Western part of the country, the rates for COVID have been somewhat stationary and they’ve not seen a huge increase. The CDC says that the activity of COVID-19 nationwide is “low.”

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