Former Russian General Proposes Nuclear Strike On Ukraine

( – A retired Russian general is suggesting that the Russian military carry out a nuclear strike on southern Ukraine to wipe out all the progress that has been made by Ukrainian forces in Russia’s on-going invasion of Ukraine.

Retired lieutenant general, Andrey Gurulev, now MP in Russia’s state Duma, the lower parliament of the Russian government, said that the village of Robotyne, which was recently captured by Ukrainian forces, would be the “perfect” place to drop a nuclear bomb, seeing the large amount of Ukrainian forces in one place.

Robotyne was successfully captured by the Ukrainian military on Monday, August 28, which is one of the latest advances in Ukraine’s ongoing summer counteroffensive. Ukrainian forces are currently pushing toward the Sea of Azov.

Gurulev made the outlandish suggestion on the Russian talk show “Solovyov Live,” a TV show largely in favor of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gurulev believes that Russia should hit the village with a nuclear attack while Ukrainian forces are still stationed there.

Ukrainian troops are currently projected to be headed to the south in an attempt to cut off the “land bridge” that connects the Crimean peninsula to the rest of Russia. Crimea, once part of Ukraine, was suddenly invaded and annexed by Russia in 2014.

The news also comes as Ukraine recently launched its largest drone strike on Russian soil in 18 months, according to Russian state media. The drone strikes reportedly targeted four regions south of Moscow, Russia’s capital city, as well as Moscow itself.

The nearby region of Pskov was also reportedly targeted. The mayor of Moscow said that there have been no casualties and that the fires caused by the strikes are successfully contained. However, all flights in the region have been canceled as authorities continue to survey the damage.

The Ukrainian drones were reportedly shot down by Russian military forces. Several drones were reportedly shot down over Bryansk, Moscow and Kaluga.

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