Former Trump National Security Advisor Urges Nuclear Testing

( – Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor has advocated for the resumption of nuclear testing. Robert O’Brien, who worked alongside Trump during his presidency, has pushed for resumption and the possible renewal of the production of plutonium and weapons-grade uranium.

Experts for arms control said that O’Brien’s proposals could create a nuclear arms race that could backfire on U.S. security; this could end up giving Russia and China more of an advantage. O’Brien wrote his ideas for what he thought a Trump national security policy might look like and he continued to praise Trump’s positioning while bashing Biden’s stance.

O’Brien stated that the United States should abandon the rules on nuclear testing that they adopted in 1992, saying, “Washington must test new nuclear weapons for reliability and safety in the real world for the first time since 1992 – not just by using computer models.”

He continued, “If China and Russia continue to refuse to engage in good-faith arms-control talks, the United States should also resume production of uranium-235 and plutonium-239, the primary fissile isotopes of nuclear weapons.”

The United States and Russia both have the highest number of nuclear weapons, with China coming in third place. According to the Federation of American Scientists, the U.S. has over five thousand warheads, Russia has over five thousand five hundred warheads, and China has five hundred.

Just recently U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke out saying that humanity was “on a knife edge” when it comes to potentially resuming a nuclear arms race while many are advancing artificial intelligence.

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