Fossil Fuels and Emissions Hit Record Highs Last Year

( – According to an industry report, global fossil fuel use and greenhouse gasses hit an all-time high during last year, even as renewable energy has become a prominent energy source. Fossil fuel consumption rose over one percent compared to the year before and greenhouse gasses rose over two percent since the previous year, as reported by the Statistical Review of World Energy.

With this, renewable energy was used more last year than ever before with it taking up fourteen percent of energy consumption globally. Nick Wayth, CEO of the Energy Institute said that the demand for fossil fuel is peaking, saying, “The progress of the transition is slow, but the big picture masks diverse energy stories playing out across different geographies.”

The peak of demand for fossil fuels is essentially for advancing economies and economic development, and to support improvements in the quality of life in emerging economies.

China was the largest consumer of coal and accounted for over fifty percent of the world’s total consumption. In comparison, coal consumption in Europe and North America fell to its lowest levels since the sixties.

China was the main driver of renewable energy as it accounted for over sixty percent of the global wind and solar energy.

Demand for natural gas in Europe fell about seven percent, but in China and India, it saw an increase of seven percent. The United States’ coal consumption fell by seventeen percent and has halved over the last decade.

With energy consumption changing to bring in more renewables, experts can expect to see these numbers change throughout the next few years.

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