Fox Ratings Continue to Struggle without Carlson

Fox Ratings Continue to Struggle without Carlson

( – Fox News, which used to boast ratings well above competitors such as CNN and MSNBC, has tanked ever since it fired its most popular television host Tucker Carlson, who hosted the popular Fox News segment “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Rachel Maddow, a popular left-wing host at MSNBC, recently beat Fox News’ Sean Hannity in the 9 p.m. slot, with Maddow garnering 2.4 million views compared to Hannity’s 1.95 million. This is after Hannity had been receiving nearly two million views in June but has since declined to an average of 1.7 million in July.

This, however, wasn’t normally the case. Since March 2022, before Carlson was fired from the conservative network, Hannity averaged over three million viewers every night. The network did experience a slight rebound and averaged over 1.4 million viewers on prime-time after the July 4 weekend.

But even though the network has finished in first place for the 28th consecutive week in ratings, it has seen a steady decline in almost every demographic since Carlson’s departure. Since the controversial firing, Fox News has lost 32% of its total viewership in the prime-time demographic, 21% of its daytime viewership, and 41% of its overall viewership for the entire day.

Fox News has also taken a hit on the stock market, with Wells Fargo analysts downgrading the target price of Fox Corp from “equal weight” to “underweight.” When a stock is downgraded, it usually means that stock market analysts are no longer confident it can provide a good return on investment. The “underweight” designation means that investors think the stock will underperform relative to other stocks in the same sector.

The news comes as Tucker Carlson has released a slightly different version of his show on Twitter. The move represents a shift in the media industry as Elon Musk continues to make it imperative for the social media platform to host different types of long-form content, such as full-fledged podcasts or TV episodes.

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