Frontier Fallout After 750,000 People’s Data Was Exposed

( – Frontier, a U.S. telecommunications company, has experienced an extensive and serious data security breach that has affected over seven hundred thousand people. The company did confirm that a security incident resulted in the unauthorized disclosure of full names and Social Security numbers from thousands of people.

“We detected unauthorized access to some of our internal IT systems. Our investigation identified your personal information among the data affected by this incident,” the company said. Frontier is now communicating and contacting those whose information was breached.

Frontier has said that no one’s financial information was exposed during this breach, however, it did confirm that Social Security numbers and names were a part of the information that was exposed.

The company was able to contain the breach not long after the attack, and it was able to restore normal function. The incident caused the company to partially shut down some systems to prevent the threat from moving through the network and accessing more information.

“Based on the Company’s investigation, it has determined that the third party was likely a cybercrime group, which gained access to, among other information, personally identifiable information,” they continued.

Frontier has not opened up and said anything about who may have been behind the attack, however, the cybercrime group RansomHub claimed to have been behind the attack. According to the cybercrime group, they were able to access the information of over two million people, and they stole information, like full names, addresses, birthdays, emails, Social Security numbers, and even details about people’s Frontier service.

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