Gang Members Sneaking into the US at Unprecedented Rate

( – A report reveals Biden’s open border policy has allowed criminal gang members posing as migrants to enter the United States, adding to the country’s already high crime rate. One immigration attorney who has exposed the crooks said that they want to launch an assault on U.S. citizens.

Juan Mendoza Dáz, writing for Noticias en la Frontera on November 13th, published an exclusive story about an immigration lawyer who uncovered the gang members’ admissions into the US and subsequently got death threats.

Criminals entering the US follow the reports that Islamic terrorists are using the current crisis at the border to gain entry to the United States. According to a document acquired by the Daily Caller News Foundation on October 20, federal authorities expressed concern that Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Hamas, and Hezbollah terrorists would be entering the country via the southern border.

Díaz observed that the border situation has continued to grow under Joe Biden. Miami-based immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez has uncovered criminal gang members and Venezuelans unlawfully coming into the U.S. and seeking asylum. Díaz said that gangs are exploiting the situation to get asylum here.

Vazquez informed Díaz that a majority of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, lack asylum grounds and are manipulating the system. They say they’re not here for protection, and it was simply hard to get by in their country.

Many criminals have mingled with those seeking asylum and are being permitted into our nation without requesting asylum or appearing in court. Most of them are here to continue committing crimes. Vazquez said he’s witnessed that all since Biden assumed office.

Vazquez believes Venezuela is safer than the US despite the claims by migrants of political persecution. Many Venezuelan criminals are already in the US, he said, and Biden’s border problem is luring Venezuela’s criminals.

Vazquez noted that the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Program (MPP) on the border caused migration numbers to drop dramatically since migrants had to stay in Mexico to have their claims examined. Most fraudulent asylum claims were eliminated. Best of all, Trump stopped these criminals, he said.

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