Germany Hosting a Recovery Conference for Ukraine Before Peace Summit

( – Germany hosted a recovery conference for Ukraine amid the war and before the peace summit scheduled in Switzerland. The conference was intended to gather support and resources for Ukraine to help it recover from its war with Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for short-term help to repair Ukraine’s energy network and for long-term investments in its energy system; he also reiterated his need for more help to repel missile attacks by Russia.

The conference was hosted by Germany, which brought together two thousand people from politics, businesses, and other areas, with an understanding that helping Ukraine recover will be a bigger task than just the government can take on. At the end of the conference, Zelenskyy showed his gratitude to Germany for their assistance.

The recent attacks in Ukraine have affected its power grid, causing multiple blackouts across the country. Zelenskyy has said that nine gigawatts of electricity generating capacity has been completely destroyed; according to Zelenskyy, the power grid continues to be “one of President Vladimir Putin’s main targets.”
Said Zelenskyy, “Ukraine has all the natural foundations for modern energy, but without your financing and investments, we won’t be able to realize this.” He continued, “This is not about grants but about high-yield investments for your companies, about a large market for your equipment, about loan programs for your institutions.”
Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, stated that the World Bank believes Ukraine would need estimated investments of over five hundred billion dollars over the next decade for repair and modernization.
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