Ghost User Got You Spooked? Here’s What’s Happening

( – In the coziness of your living room, you are resting comfortably, holding a new Fire TV Stick in your hand. As you turn your television on, it seems to have taken on a mind of its own. You notice your “Recently Watched” section features movies and TV shows you have never laid eyes on before. Surely it’s not the ghost that annoyingly keeps trying to knock your cat’s picture off the wall? Maybe it is the phantom that trips you as you wander to your bed each night?

Fortunately for you, in all likelihood, the “ghost user” is making its presence known because you failed to log out of your Amazon account before selling your last Fire Stick or Fire TV. Amazon’s Fire Stick is a streaming remote that allows you to control your TV and other smart devices. It turns your ordinary television into a smart TV.

If you want to avoid or lose the “ghost”, here are some helpful tricks:

If you still have your device, make sure to log out of your account before selling your Fire TV Stick.

If you did not log out of your accounts before giving away your stick, the new owner may be able to access your account on Amazon. Fire TVs can sync profiles and watch history between different devices. When the new person uses the old remote, you will see their activity on your device. To rectify this issue, go to your account on Amazon and remove all electronics you do not want registered with your Fire Stick. Use this same process if you misplace your Fire Stick remote.

Comparably, Amazon Echo’s “Amazon Sidewalk” feature allows the device to extend your Wi-Fi access to your neighbors. It serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot, even if your neighbors do not have your Wi-Fi password. They may get enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, but they would be unable to directly access your network the same way your household would.

If you have a security camera on the outside of your house, your neighbor’s Echo could be used to extend its bandwidth. The same is also true for their camera and your Echo. This network is encrypted with three protective layers to prevent those nearby from seeing your personal information. Is this enough encryption? The answer depends on who you ask.

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