GIANT Asteroid Expected to Pass By Earth!

( – According to NASA, an asteroid that can be compared to the size of a skyscraper is expected to pass by Earth…at a safe distance. The asteroid will be about 1.7 million miles away from Earth and its size is estimated to be between 690 feet and 1,757 feet across.

The asteroid’s size is expected to be similar to the size of the Empire State Building in NYC. This asteroid was discovered in 2008 and named 2008 OS7; it supposedly will not be back again to pass Earth until 2032 and will be much further away that time around.

NASA says that there is no chance of the asteroid hitting us as it is just too far away from Earth, but it’s an interesting event and we can expect to see more asteroids pass by our planet much sooner than you may think.

NASA has also said that there have been 107 asteroids that have flown past Earth, closer to the moon, in the last year, and that includes 7 in the past month.

According to NASA, this isn’t the only asteroid that is supposed to pass by us this week. In fact, three other smaller-sized asteroids are expected to pass by Earth on Friday. These small asteroids are expected to be just a few tens of yards across. Then on Sunday an asteroid that is estimated to be half the size of 2008 OS7 is expected to pass by Earth at about 4.5 million miles away.

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