Girl Scouts Alternative Unveiled For Girls

( – An online form from the girl scouts asks what pronouns children would prefer. Girls Scouts USA (GSUSA) issued the questionnaire, which was shared on social media, asking if those attending sleepaway camp would prefer to be known as he/him or they/them, even though it is an organization founded exclusively for girls.

In response to the questionnaire, American Heritage Girls, a conservative faith-based girls’ group, spoke out and said it offers an alternative to parents and kids who do not want to get swept up in radical gender ideology.

Patti Garibay, the founder of American Heritage Girls, said GSAUS is straying from the “vision of its foundress” and entangling itself in modern culture. She added that the Girl Scouts had lost its way and the American people have therefore lost a national treasure.

American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 and has chapters in all 50 states. Garibay intended the organization as a Christian alternative to the Girls Scouts, and its members are active in pro-life campaigns. Children can be members of the American Heritage Girls from the age of 5 until they reach adulthood at 18. The anti-abortion “Respect Life” section of the organization is the most popular, Patti Garibay says.

The Girls Scouts’ controversial policy of accepting males identifying as female dates back to 2015 when the practice first made media headlines. The American Family Association created a petition that received tens of thousands of signatures that year. The online petition stated that the organization was endangering young females. According to the petition, “Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents” will put innocent young girls in harm’s way.

Girls Scouts representative Andrea Bastiani Archibald said the group values “diversity and inclusivity.”

In 2017, the Boys’ Scouts announced it would accept girls as members and anyone who “identifies” as male, opening the door for transgender inclusion.

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