Google Renames Bard AI Chatbot to Gemini

( – Google has done a brand new relaunch and rebranding for Bard, which was their artificial intelligence chatbot.

Bard was a chief competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT but now Google has rebranded the chatbot to be named ‘Gemini’ and they are launching a rebranding for it. Google has also announced that there are a few different ways that you can access their tool; Android users can download an Android app and iPhone users can use Gemini through the Google app.

Google is advancing and putting more time and resources into AI assistants or agents and they have announced that these changes to Gemini are the first steps to “building a true AI assistant.” The Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai spoke out about the company’s dedication to creating an AI agent, but he did say that there was “a lot of execution ahead.”

Along with Gemini AI chatbot, there is also the option for a subscription as well. Users can access Gemini Ultra 1.0 using a subscription through Google One, which would cost $19.99 per month. These subscribers would also have access to Gemini within Google programs such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Slides, and Google Meet.

Gemini is available now as of Thursday in 150 countries, but there is a limit on language at the moment so it’s only available in English. Google does plan to expand the language options to include multiple other languages as well.

The company explained the name change by saying that they wanted users to understand that they were talking directly to an AI model. The CEO stated, “Bard was the way to talk to our cutting-edge models, and Gemini is our cutting-edge model.”

Some things that the AI chatbot would be able to do would be to schedule a group hangout by scanning everyone’s calendars to see a time that works, book travel activities, and or do specific functions such as outbound sales. The company continued to say that they expect their AI to go “beyond answers and follow-through for users even more.”

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