GOP Candidate May Have Lost His Debate Spot Already

GOP Candidate May Have Lost His Debate Spot Already

( – A Republican candidate for the 2024 election might have already lost his spot among the other GOP hopefuls in the fast-approaching debates due to a Republican National Committee requirement. The individual in question is former Representative Will Hurd, the latest conservative to join the ranks of GOP candidates like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Hurd will likely not be in the debates, given his refusal to sign a loyalty pledge required to attend. The pledge assures that candidates will eventually support whoever wins the party’s nomination. Hurd told CNN that he would not be signing and wouldn’t support Donald Trump specifically should the former president become the nominee. The requirements for the debate also include donors and polling performance, meaning that the relatively unknown Hurd will almost certainly not be featured in the event.

Hurd is the latest Republican candidate to join the 2024 race, but he isn’t the only GOP hopeful to publicly blast Donald Trump.

Chris Christie, who has repeatedly called out Trump, is also in the running. In his appearance at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, Christie began criticizing Donald Trump, drawing boos from the crowd. Christie didn’t seem to mind the booing, however, and went on to discuss his record while serving as New Jersey’s Governor. Although Christie is open about his time as New Jersey’s top official, he seems keen to omit his abysmal approval compared to other candidates.

According to a poll from Monmouth University, Christie has an approval rating of negative 26. Only 21 percent of candidates view him favorably, with 46 percent viewing him unfavorably. This marks the lowest approval rating of any GOP candidate, meaning that Christie is currently the most unlikely Republican to secure the nomination. Christie performs poorly even within his own state; the likelihood of him launching a successful presidential bid seems slim. Despite this, Christie seems confident he can gain more support ahead of the upcoming election.

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