Guatemalan President Says U.S. Should Invest More to Deter Migration

( – Years ago Vice President Kamala Harris sat with the President of Guatemala telling migrants, “Do not come.” Of course, this didn’t necessarily work as we look at what’s currently happening at the Southern Border and how it has affected the country.

There have been over seven hundred thousand encounters of migrants from Guatemala at the Southern Border. However, there have been millions of all nationalities that have gone through the border the same way. This past week the Guatemalan President, Bernardo Arevalo, was asked if migrants have honored Harris’ request. His response was “Well, I don’t know. You do the numbers.”

Arevalo came to the United States to meet with President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to discuss how they can better combat the immigration situation here. In the meeting they were described as being “enchanting,” but the Guatemalan President did say that they needed more United States economic involvement in order to encourage people to stay put in Guatemala.

“Cooperation is not sending money. Cooperation can be by creating conditions in which we can invite you to invest in Guatemala and establish factories, work that can begin to produce and create jobs. That’s fundamentally what we are most interested in,” the Guatemalan President said.

He continued, “We have to work to allow people, what we call, ‘The right to stay.’ People have a right to remain in their places. People need to find opportunities.”

Kamala Harris was put in charge of figuring out why there was a huge surge of immigrants coming into the United States all of a sudden.

With this said, Arevalo said that he is excited to work with whoever wins the next election in making sure that Guatemalans as citizens of the United States get full rights and that he hopes this type of cooperation with the U.S. will continue.

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