Gun Store Sales Could Get Special Credit Card Tracking

( – A California law will require credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa to provide banks with special retail codes that would be assigned to certain gun stores, which would help to track their sales. However, this law is banned in other states like Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Wyoming where they won’t allow gun codes to be used at all.

This is one of the nation’s newest gun laws which have been dividing state capitols as they decide whether or not to adopt the changes. Gun-control activists and Democratic lawmakers are hopeful that the code would allow them to flag suspicious gun purchases. Makers in Colorado and New York have followed the lead of California to implement these codes to help stop mass shootings and avoid other gun-related crimes.

The executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Guns Down America, Hudson Munoz, said, “The merchant category code is the first step in the banking system saying, `Enough! We’re putting our foot down. You cannot use our system to facilitate gun crimes.’”

Gun-rights advocates and Republican lawmakers have said that the codes would possibly lead to unwarranted suspicion of gun buyers. Seventeen states with GOP-led legislatures have adopted the ban on these gun codes.

Senior vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Lawrence Keane, said, “We view this as a first step by gun-control supporters to restrict the lawful commerce in firearms.”

These laws seemed to have separated people even more as it comes to controversial gun laws; they have split officials right down the middle. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy actually declared a gun violence public health crisis.

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