Gvir Plans to Buy Weapons for Civilian Security Teams

(TheConservativeSense.org) – According to reports, Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s Minister of National Security, recently made public an order for 10,000 guns to equip civilian security forces in border towns, cities with a mixed Jewish and Arab population, and the West Bank settlements.

The distribution of guns to tens of communities was announced on Thursday via the X (Twitter) social networking site.

The action comes during an ongoing battle that started when the Palestinian Hamas organization began Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, a multi-pronged ambush that comprised a bombardment of missile launches and infiltrations into Israel through air, sea, and land.

In retaliation, the Israeli military began an offensive in the Gaza Strip called “Operation Swords of Iron” against Hamas installations.

The minister, the leader of the right-leaning Otzma Yehudit party, has announced that 4,000 weapons have been purchased through an Israeli manufacturer and would be distributed immediately. In addition to the weapons, they will be distributing helmets and protective vests.

Ben Gvir said that hundreds of municipalities with citizen security teams attached to the Israel Police’s Border Police force would get the guns and equipment.

Some civilian security forces protecting towns and West Bank settlements were instrumental in fending off the Hamas onslaught on Saturday.

A report reveals that the National Security Ministry recently said it had received nearly 8 thousand permit requests to carry guns since the Hamas assault started in South Israel. Following recent incidents, gun permit requirements have been relaxed. The ministry’s updated conditions allow Israeli citizens to obtain gun licenses for self-defense or IDF service if they have police approval, medical clearance, and pass firearms exams.

Participants will also have to complete a brief phone interview before receiving the permission, which will be delivered within a week.

Others may apply for a license if they live in danger zones or have military training and high ranking in Israeli security forces.

Special unit veterans, police officers, rescue division personnel, firemen, and volunteers are also qualified. Individuals with expired or temporary licenses will get extensions, while those with current permits who have not taken a refresher course may get their firearms back.

The report shows just under 1,000 personal handgun licenses have been granted. Due to a rise in requests, the ministry is adding 60 staff members to the department.

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