Harvard Researchers Amazed By Interstellar Meteor

Harvard Researchers Amazed By Interstellar Meteor

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A Harvard University research team has discovered what may be fragments of alien technology on an interstellar meteor that crashed on Earth. The meteor has been confirmed to be from another solar system.

The team found Pieces of the meteor in the ocean off Papua New Guinea, which is estimated to have crashed in 2014. Avi Loeb, the professor heading the team, returned materials from the meteor’s remnants to Harvard for analysis. It was later confirmed with 99.999% certainty that the meteor had indeed come from another solar system, CBS News reported.

The research team searched a 6.2-mile radius, an area approved by the government, to find the materials from the meteor by repeatedly passing through the meteor’s projected path. The team also employed magnetic sleds to comb the ocean floor to pick up debris from the meteor.

Among the objects discovered were about 50 metallic marbles that resembled miniature model Earths. According to Loeb, they were “almost perfect spheres.” The team also found that the meteor was traveling approximately 60 kilometers per second, faster than 95% of all stars in the vicinity of the sun. This made the meteor, by default, the fastest-traveling object in our solar system at the time.

The team also discovered that the miniature spheres were 84% iron, 8% silicon, 4% magnesium, and 2% titanium, with other trace elements. This has led some to hypothesize that the meteor was a remnant or piece of debris from a spacecraft or some manufactured technology.

Loeb said further that the meteor is tougher than all space rocks cataloged by NASA. The team hopes to find a large piece of the object to tell whether the object is simply a meteor or a piece of alien technology.

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