Heat Dome Expected to Produce Warmest Temperatures in Years

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – There is a substantial high-pressure system expected to go through the Northeast, which will bring in high temperatures through the week. The heat wave is expected to increase the temperature by about twenty degrees above what’s typical.

New York City is expected to hit over ninety degrees, and some areas can expect to reach over one hundred degrees. It’s also said that if the temperatures are higher than expected, then some of the areas around Interstate 95 are expected to be over one hundred degrees.

“Not only is it going to be hot, it’s going to be stagnant conditions. You’re not going to have any kind of breeze that will cool you off either by the time we get into the middle to latter half of the week,” said Steve Bender, a FOX Weather meteorologist.

Experts have stated that the overnight temperatures aren’t going to be much lower as they are expected to stay in the seventies for many areas. This can be a bigger issue for many people since it can add additional heat stress to the body and will add an increased demand for air conditioning.

The National Weather Service’s HeatRisk has called out communities that are at a higher risk for heat issues, specifically those with a lot of pavement. The heat that is expected to come isn’t only going to be for a certain amount of time, but it will be stagnant and continue to be hot for an extended amount of time which can put excess heat stress on people.

Residents in Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Vermont are expected to see the height of the heat wave on Thursday, and they will be at Level four for heat risk impacts, the highest risk level.

Health experts have warned about heat strokes and the possibility of health issues if the body’s internal temperature rises rapidly and cannot cool down, which is what can be expected during this next heat wave.

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