Highest Number of Flight Cancellations reported in SIX Months?!

Airport lockdown, Flights canceled on information time table board in the airport while coronavirus outbreak pandemic issued around the world

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen an overwhelming amount of flight delays and cancellations for various reasons. On Friday, there were over 2,000 cancellations, which is the highest number of cancellations since June 2023.

Winter weather has been the main reason for this as a huge winter storm has been passing the Midwest and causing canceled flights. Two main airports in Chicago are taking a huge hit as they are facing most of the cancellations and delays; 40% of flights at O’Hare are canceled and 60% of flights at Midway are canceled.

O’Hare posted on social media discussing the delays and cancellations by saying that “650 flights have been proactively canceled.” Many other airports in the Midwest are also experiencing canceled flights.

Another reason for these canceled flights is the grounding of all of the 737 MAX 9 planes. Over 200 United Airlines and Alaska Airlines flights have been canceled every week due to the lack of inspections necessary for protocol to get these planes off the ground

The 737 MAX 9 planes have been grounded for inspections and repairs since a door plug flew off a plane mid-air and caused an understandable outrage on social media. Inspections on other 737 MAX 9 planes showed that there were other issues with these Boeing planes that needed to be addressed.

Airlines are speaking out on the cancellations in hopes that flyers understand their protocol and goal. United Airlines said in a statement, “By canceling this far in advance, we’re trying to create more certainty for our customers and more flexibility for our frontline teams to do their work.”

The planes have been grounded since Saturday after the FAA ordered that 171 of their Boeing planes be grounded for inspections. They stated that the inspections could take four to eight hours per aircraft, therefore delaying flights for many of their flyers.

“We regret the significant disruption that has been caused for our guests by cancellations due to these aircraft being out of service. However, the safety of our employees and guests is our highest priority and we will only return these aircraft to service when all findings have been fully resolved and meet all FAA and Alaska’s stringent standards,” the airline said in a statement.

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