House Committee Wants Answers About Chinese Police Stations In US

House Committee Wants Answers About Chinese Police Stations In US

( – It may sound outrageous, but the Chinese Communist Government has been operating around 100 overseas police stations across 53 countries, and the new House Committee on China wants answers. The committee sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

The far-reaching operation includes the UK, the Netherlands, and even the United States. It is shocking, but it isn’t new that Beijing is running these types of operations on foreign soil.

With the help of a pair of American citizens, two New York City residents, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) set up a clandestine police station in NYC in the Chinatown district. Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59, have been charged in connection to opening and operating the “first known overseas police station in the United States.”

The clandestine outfit was closed down in the fall of 2022 after the defendants became aware of the FBI investigation into their station. The illegal police station was located in a Manhattan office building and spanned an entire floor. The station was operating on behalf of the government of the PRC, according to the Justice Department.

Chinese embassies throughout the US and Canada refer to the locations as “overseas service stations” opened during the pandemic to aid Chinese nationals with mundane tasks such as renewing driver’s licenses. Human rights groups say otherwise and accuse the PRC of using the outposts to serve a “more sinister goal” of monitoring Chinese nationals abroad. China denies these accusations.

In November of 2022, FBI Director Christopher Wray said, “We are aware of the existence of these stations,” when being questioned by senior lawmakers at a US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing.

US officials Monday, April 17, 2023, brought charges against 34 officers of China’s Ministry of Public Security.

In this separate complaint, the FBI names an elite task force called the ‘912 Special Projects Working Group’ and accuses them of targeting “Chinese dissidents located throughout the world.”

34 officers of China’s Ministry of Public Security were charged, and all were members of this elite task force. All of the defendants are believed to be residents of China.

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