Huckabee Bans Gender-Neutral Terms

( – In an executive order issued last week, Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas mandated that all state agencies and employees use gender-specific language when referring to female employees. This order also prohibited the use of “woke” terminology that does not recognize the biological differences between males and females.

Reports show Arkansas has taken the lead in the fight against the use of so-called “gender neutral” and “gender fluid” terminology in government papers and state business with the signing of the Executive Order on October 19.

The directive proclaims support for the fundamental scientific realities of male and female distinctions, which politically correct “transgender” activists are contesting. The document reiterates that the XX chromosome is the XX chromosome, and a woman is a woman. There are certain things that, scientifically speaking, only women are capable of, like giving birth.

The new order mandates that the government reject rhetoric degrading, ignoring, and erasing women. This administration’s policy forbids the use of woke, anti-women language while doing official state government business. The government should encourage the differences between men and women, not eliminate them.

This directive takes effect immediately.

In February, Sanders signed a measure banning children’s access to adult acts like drag shows.

In order to qualify as an “adult-oriented performance,” according to SB 43, a performance must feature a person who appears to be nude or seminude, the intentional exposure of a specific physical area, artificial genitalia or breasts, or a particular adult-themed activity.

A report shows that Gov. Sanders signed SB 199 into law in March 2023, extending the malpractice statute of limitations for cases involving minors who underwent surgical or chemical “transitioning” from two years to fifteen years after the plaintiff turns eighteen.

She also signed into law measures to formally prohibit Critical Race Theory and LGBT indoctrination in the state’s public schools and to prohibit students, faculty, and staff from using restrooms or locker rooms that do not coincide with their biological sex.

Sanders has shown herself to be an effective political opponent in the Natural State, fighting for the rights of children and women in the face of LGBT campaigners’ efforts to institutionalize their ideology via law and school curriculum.

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