Hungary Claims Trump Said He Won’t Give A Penny To Ukraine

( – Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary claims that Trump said he would “not give a penny” to the war in Ukraine.

Orban met with Trump in Florida and later did an interview where he divulged what former president Donald Trump said. “He has a very clear vision, which is hard not to agree with. He says the following: First of all, he will not give a penny in the Ukraine-Russia war,” he said.

Orban has talked before about a ceasefire and pushing for peace in the Russian-Ukraine war and he has said that he feels like Donald Trump is the best option to end the war and he expressed his hope that Trump will return to power following the presidential election in November.

“That is why the war will end because it is obvious that Ukraine cannot stand on its own feet. … If the Americans do not give money, the Europeans alone will not be able to finance this war. And then the war is over,” he said.

Trump’s campaign didn’t say anything about his stance on the Ukraine war but they did say that they were looking to put in place something that would affect both nations, such as border control.

Orban’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in October angered many other EU leaders especially since he’s maintained ties with the Kremlin. President Joe Biden has also spoken out about the relationship between Prime Minister Orban and Donald Trump, saying that the Hungary Prime Minister is “looking for dictatorship.”

European leaders are nervous as to what the results of the upcoming election in the United States might mean. They are worried about Donald Trump and how if he won the election, the United States would be unsupportive of both NATO and Ukraine.

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