Hunter Biden Allegedly Tried To Divert Money To Family Members

( – In a recent interview, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin admitted that Hunter Biden diverted money to bank accounts held by members of the Biden family but insisted that Joe Biden was never involved, Breitbart News reported.

While appearing on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” Raskin defended President Biden, insisting that the president has been “open,” “candid,” and “honest” about his son’s drug addiction. He insisted that House Republicans have found nothing linking the president to Hunter’s deals.

When host Chris Cuomo pressed Raskin on the bank transfers to members of the Biden family, the ranking member disputed Cuomo’s suggestion, saying it was lawful for Hunter Biden to make the business deals and to divert the money into “different funds.”

Raskin argued that none of the evidence Republicans have of Hunter’s foreign deals is illegal.

When Cuomo asked if he found it “curious” that several members of the Biden family received money transfers from foreign companies, Raskin pointed out that some of the family members who received money were “children” and “babies” and dismissed the notion that children could be “involved in political corruption.”

Cuomo argued that the foreign business deals would have to pass a “smell test,” explaining that the Biden family has to explain why so many family members were receiving payments.

Raskin argued that the Democrats on the committee have “tried to answer” the questions raised by Republican members “no matter how outlandish.”

He said it is obvious that Hunter was diverting the money he received but insisted that none of that money “touches President Biden.”

Raskin insisted that government should not be used as “an instrument for private self-enrichment” for an elected official or his family but added that it is unlikely the Republicans will find any evidence of corruption on President Biden’s part, arguing that in all the time Biden has been in public office “he’s never been accused meaningfully of any corruption

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