IDF Takes Out Commander Involved in Planning Oct 7 Attack

( – On Monday, Israel Defence Forces killed a top Hamas commander who orchestrated the paraglider attacks on Israel on October 7th. This terrorist leader’s name was Nasim Abu Ajina. His absence will not go unnoticed by the Hamas militant group.

Abu Ajina oversaw Hamas’ Beit Lahia Battalion. He was the main leader for Hamas when they introduced paragliders and aerial drones into their military arsenal. He was known for taking the leading role in the barbaric massacre inflicted on the Israelis on October 7th. This brutal attack left hundreds injured and over 1,400 Israelis dead.

On Monday, Israeli military aircraft flew over Abu Ajina’s house and blew it up. The IDF and Shin Bet, a security agency for Israel, said Abu Ajina’s death would dampen Hamas’ impact on Israel when Israeli forces invade Gaza.

After killing Abu Ajina, Israel Defences Forces are now searching for and targeting Hamas terrorists who are hiding in Gaza’s underground tunnels.

On Tuesday, the IDF believed they killed some terrorists in a tunnel where they expect the Gaza hostages to be located. The IDF is attempting to throw Hamas into as much disarray as possible. The Israeli troops marched overnight and carried out 300 attacks on their targets. This strike follows the IDF carrying out attacks on 600 targets in under 24 hours.

In the “second stage” of the Israel-Hamas war, Hamas is being met with a ground invasion from Israel. The IDF’s premier intent is to find Hamas terrorists in their tunnel network and eliminate them. They also want to rescue the Israeli hostages and dismantle Hamas communication hubs.

Continuing with its psychological attacks, Hamas posted a hostage video online that went viral. The description said the video was a message to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and for “the Zionist government.” The unsettling video portrayed three stressed women who asked for an immediate ceasefire. They were also forced to criticize their government.

Netanyahu said the Israel Defence Forces are doing everything in their power to find the hostages in Gaza and bring them home The prime minister said the viral clip was “cruel psychological propaganda.”

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