Indiana Man Sentenced to 85 Years for Murder, Left Evidence on Voicemail

( – Thirty-three-year-old Cody Allen Wade, of Indiana, was sentenced to 85 years in prison on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Wade was found guilty of the murder of Carl Haviland, his mother’s boyfriend.

On July 18, 2020, Wade left a barbecue and walked to his mother’s residence, stopping along the way to inform a neighbor that he intended to kill someone. At some point just before he stabbed Haviland four times, Wade had called his mother’s phone and left a voicemail. He forgot to hang up the phone and the entire murder was recorded in a voicemail. Wade stabbed Haviland and then kicked and taunted him, even as his mother tried to stop him.

At the time of the murder, Wade was on parole. He had been previously incarcerated for arson and had been released in March.

Judge Robert A. Pell handed down the severe sentence. Wade received 60 years for the murder of Haviland, plus an additional 15 years for being a habitual offender. Wade will receive credit for time served.

In a statement to the court Wade said he had been contemplating the night of the murder for the three years he had been in jail. He stated that his “remorse is real” and that he also lost a friend that night. According to sentencing documents, Wade suffered from bi-polar disorder.

A similar incident occurred in 2012 when Jason Bohn, 34 at the time, accidentally “pocket dialed” his girlfriend’s phone while he was assaulting her. Voicemail recorded the exchange between Bohn and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Danielle Thomas. The recording was played as evidence in court. Bohn could be heard arguing with Thomas over a phone number he believed she had dialed. He was heard threatening multiple times to kill Thomas. Thomas was found in a tub of ice in her home in Queens, New York. Bohn turned himself in a few days later. Bohn was eventually sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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