Intelligence Claims Putin Was Paralyzed by Wagner March

Intelligence Claims Putin Was Paralyzed by Wagner March

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin was allegedly “paralyzed” and unable to make a decision when Wagner Group mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin marched toward Moscow. The attempted coup ended with a peace brokered by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin allegedly did not issue any orders for most of the day as Prigozhin was marching toward Moscow, which resulted in the Kremlin falling into a state of disarray and confusion, according to Russian and Ukrainian sources interviewed by The Washington Post.

Prigozhin’s attempted coup was catalyzed by a dispute between him and the Russian Defense Ministry. The mercenary leader accused the Russian military of bombing Wagner’s military installations in Ukraine. The mercenary group has a history of fighting alongside Russian soldiers and was doing so in Putin’s war against Ukraine.

On the day of the coup, security upgrades were made to the Kremlin, such as additional staffing and more weapons handed out to the presidential guard. Still, no significant action from Putin happened for most of the day.

The coup was the most dangerous threat to Putin during his 23-year reign in Russia. The peace deal between Russia and Prigohzin had to be brokered by Belarus, which is by and large considered to be a Russian vassal state, with President Lukashenko being an astute ally of Putin and owing much of his grip on his own country to the Kremlin.

Prigozhin, as part of the peace deal, was forced to go into exile in Belarus, where many of his forces have since been deployed. The Kremlin has stated that Wagner forces can still fight alongside Russian troops in Ukraine, so long as they do so without their former mercenary leader.

Prigozhin has since been believed to be training his forces with the intention of becoming the best fighting force “outside of Russia,” according to a video released in a Telegram chat. The attempted coup has also thrown the Russian military in disarray, with many military officials being fired on the spot.

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