Internet Loses It After Bubba Wallace Flips Bird At Camera

Internet Loses It After Bubba Wallace Flips Bird At Camera

( – The controversial Bubba Wallace appears to be embracing his role as a NASCAR “villain.” As professional wrestling has its heroes and heel characters, NASCAR has Wallace – a willing heel.

On Saturday, Wallace finished fifth in the truck race at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Wallace claimed in an interview following the race that he doesn’t care about his critics. He said ‘he cares about the people he cares about.’

On Sunday, Wallace, the Black driver of 23XI Racing, finished second in the NASCAR All-Star Race, also at North Wilkesboro Speedway. As he was getting ready to be interviewed by Fox Sports’ Jamie Little in the pits, he flipped the bird while adjusting his firesuit.

As expected, this caused an uproar on various social media platforms. The fact that Wallace, of all drivers, was the one to do it sparked even more outrage.

Following Wallace’s infamous “noose” incident, where he claimed racists sent a message to him by hanging a noose in his garage bay, an investigation showed that the loop had been there since 2019, long before Wallace moved into the garage.

The accusations of racism did not endear him with NASCAR fans.

Before Sunday’s bird flip, reports say someone had hacked into Wallace’s radio and hurled insulting comments. Some people claimed the hacking was “made up” since they were reminiscent of the previous noose instance, replete with exaggerated drama.

“You’re not wanted in NASCAR” and “Go back to where you came from, you a-hole” were among the alleged threatening messages.

Social media users speculated that Wallace flipped off the crowd in response to the slurs, an appropriate response according to many.

But the incident has become a bit anticlimactic in that Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass reports that Wallace will not be fined for his gesture, as NASCAR officials, after an investigation, determined Wallace was gesturing toward a friend.

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