Inventor of “Glock Switch Technology” Regrets Creating it

( – Jorge Leon, at the age of just twenty-two, invented a small device that would turn a Glock pistol into a fully automatic weapon. Originally, Leon said that he wanted this to be a benefit to society to help the military and police in his home country of Venezuela.

However, after twenty-six years, they can be found on the streets of American cities, and many of them have fallen into the hands of teenage criminals who have used them to cause violence and fear in communities.

“After seeing and reading about all those deaths, those unnecessary deaths of youngsters, of police officers, of broken families, I don’t feel nice about that, I don’t feel good,” Leon said. “I regret filing that patent because my technology, which was very well protected at that time, is free for everybody.”

According to Leon, once his patent was up in 2016, he didn’t have legal recourse to stop developers from taking his drawings and explanations to make their own for black markets. They have been called “auto switches” and “Glock switches” on the black market, and they are selling them for as little as twenty dollars; this makes them extremely available to the public

Leon said, “I felt very bad, sure. I felt very bad because I created my invention always looking for the future to help, to help the military, to help SWAT teams, to help like a tool.” Jillian Snider, a former New York City police officer, said, “What that’s telling us is that criminals who already are owning these handguns illegally are now taking it to the next level, and they are trying to maximize the destruction that they cause.”

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