Is inflation on the Rise AGAIN in February?

( – Inflation last month has skyrocketed again showing that consumer prices are on the rise and higher than they were.

According to reports, inflation rose more substantially and more quickly in the last month than it has over previous months. Voters are paying close attention to the economy and how it’s affecting them as they look to Biden for some kind of change; the economy is a huge factor in Biden’s current election campaign.

Although the job market and the stock market are at a record high, many Americans are looking at consumer goods prices to determine whether or not they agree with what Joe Biden is doing for the economy as President.

When looking at things overall, inflation has dropped 9% since its highest peak in the middle of the pandemic, however, consumer goods prices are still more than they were pre-pandemic.

Joe Biden has mentioned multiple times how he plans to drop these consumer goods prices for Americans. Many corporations raised their prices during the pandemic to combat the lack of profits they were receiving in sales.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell stated that the central bank is looking to drop rates, but that they are looking for “greater confidence” that inflation is falling to their desired 2%.

Economists have thought that the first-rate cut could be in June or in May, but they think the economy could be too good and therefore keep inflation high. Many economists thought that we would enter a recession following the pandemic, but that has yet to occur.

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