Israel Open to Pausing, but not Ceasing, the Fight

( – The Prime Minister of Israel said he is open to pausing Israel’s fight against Hamas but will not completely agree to ending the war.

President Joe Biden and his office are continuously putting pressure on Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. They want him to supply Gaza with humanitarian aid to help alleviate civilian suffering from the Israel-Hamas war.

In the beginning of the conflict, Netanyahu refused to consider a cease-fire. Now, the Prime Minister said he would permit “tactical little pauses. Cease-fires would allow humanitarian aid to reach Gazan civilians, Netanyahu said, and he hoped this would prompt Hamas to release its Israeli hostages.

On Monday, Biden called Netanyahu and attempted to convince him to halt the fighting for “humanitarian” reasons. During the call, Netanyahu said he would refuse to allow a complete ceasefire until all of the hostages taken by Hamas on October 7th are released.

Netanyahu publicly said there would be “no general ceasefire in Gaza without the release” of the Hamas hostages. He said he had permitted short pauses before and will allow them again. “An hour here, an hour there,” the Prime Minister said.

The Biden Administration asked the Prime Minister who he thought should preside over Gaza once the Israel-Hamas war was over. To the dismay of those who are pro-Hamas, Netanyahu said he believes that Israel would probably rule, at least for a time. Netanyahu said everyone saw what happened when the Israelis did not have “overall security responsibility” over the region.

An Israeli spokesperson said there is a culture in Palestine that strives to murder the Jews. The official said he thinks the only option would be for Israel to “have ultimate security responsibility in Gaza.”

According to Hamas’ Department of Health, about 10,022 Palestinians have died in the Israel-Hamas war. They said nearly 4,000 of the dead were children. Netanyahu accused Hamas of using their civilians as “human shields.”

As of today, it seems as though Israel will pause for four hours per day for humanitarian reasons.

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