Israel Takes Aim at Syria and Lebanon

( – According to reports, Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants continue to trade fire across the country’s northern border. The Israeli military has claimed to have struck targets in Syria and Lebanon.

Israeli military claims to have retaliated against Syrian military and pro-Iran militia bombardment by bombing the sites of terror groups in southern Lebanon.

Reports show that as battles continued on the northern frontier and the army maintained its war with Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, Lebanon fired multiple rockets at north Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it struck terror cells and areas belonging to the Hezbollah terror group.

The IDF reports that during the day, rockets were fired from Lebanon toward the western and upper Galilee, setting off alarms in many cities. Many rockets were also fired from Lebanon at the northern border region of Mount Dov. According to the IDF, all of the rockets and mortars fell in open regions, where nobody was hurt.

According to a report, Nabil Boumonsef, deputy editor-in-chief of Lebanon’s Annahar newspaper, said that Israeli drones’ technological supremacy is causing a high death toll for Hezbollah. According to Lebanese security officials, Israeli bombardment has increased recently.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) also claimed on Sunday that they had attacked two terror groups in southern Lebanon that were planning to launch anti-tank guided missile assaults on northern Israel.

On Monday, Israeli soldiers and tanks advanced on both ends of Gaza’s major metropolis. Social media footage revealed a bulldozer and an Israeli tank blocking central Gaza’s major roadway, which the Israeli military had earlier advised Palestinians to take to escape to the south.

According to Hamas and other militants, they would free 240 detainees caught during the tragic raid in exchange for several thousand Palestinian inmates imprisoned by Israel, including those involved in deadly assaults on Israelis. Israelis rejected the offer.

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