Jeffrey Epstein List Includes Clinton?!

Washington DC., USA,10th August, 1993

( – The Jeffrey Epstein investigation has seen a lot of progress, but with the recent calls for the Epstein list to be made public, there has been a substantial amount of pullback and reticence.

As the public awaits the list of names, some are already coming to the surface. Bill Clinton is the first famous name that we’re expecting to see on these Epstein documents.

The former president is being recognized as a John Doe which was originally reported on the Epstein manifest and documents. Alexandria Hoff from FOX News said that Bill Clinton is “not the only big name expected to be released.”

She then continued saying that there were over 150 John and Jane Does on that list, but the true identities of these individuals would be revealed. She also stated that officials said there was no longer a legal reason to keep the case sealed, so they’re expected to be released soon.

“The documents are expected to be unredacted and released as early as tomorrow, and among those named, former President Bill Clinton, that’s according to ABC News,” Hoff said.

Sources say that despite Bill Clinton’s name showing up more than 50 times in the documents, this has “no indication the sealed records contain evidence of illegal conduct.”

These documents, which are supposed to be released as early as tomorrow, have information on associates, victims, journalists, and investigators who covered the Epstein case. However, some names will still be protected due to their status as minors or because they were requested to stay sealed by that particular person, in many cases, individuals who were victims.

Jeffrey Epstein was awaiting trial for his role in sex trafficking in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York when he died in custody from what was ruled as a suicide.

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