Kansas City Super Bowl Celebration Ends With Shooting?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Kansas City played against San Francisco in the Super Bowl and secured a win for their team, however, the celebratory parade in Kansas City ended with a shooting, and we may now know why the shooting broke out.

On Wednesday a shooting occurred during a celebration that was being held by Kansas City fans who were celebrating the Super Bowl win. The celebration was expected to have over 1 million people in attendance and was secured with more than 800 deputies patrolling the area.

The shooting itself happened outside of Union Station right as Kansas City Chiefs fans were leaving the celebration. The shooting killed one person and wounded 22 people.

According to Kansa City police, they have two juvenile suspects in custody at the moment for the crime. A police spokesperson spoke out saying that in conjunction with the juvenile prosecutors, they were able “to review investigative findings and determine applicable charges.” Several guns were recovered and confiscated, according to the police.

Half of the victims of the shooting were under 16 years old and the 22 that were injured included 7 that were critically hurt and 8 that were severely hurt. Children’s Mercy Hospital mentioned that they received 11 children from ages 6 to 15; 9 of the children brought into the hospital had been shot, while the rest were injured mostly from the resulting chaos that came from the sound of gunshots.

University Health Hospital spoke out saying that they received 8 gunshot patients including 2 that were in critical condition the next day. Doctors said that the very first patient to show up was the one with the most critical condition. They said a man arrived within 5 minutes of the shooting with critical injuries that were 90% life-threatening and fatal. Doctors say that if he hadn’t arrived when he did, he may not have made it.

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